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Economic Flatbed Cutter Plotter 6090
Model: FC-6090
Price:  $2800.00  
Remarks:  Max cutting size 610mmx900mm,Max cutting 1mm soft and medium-rigidity medias,Contour cutting with ARMS
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1.Advanced system design and hardware configuration improves work efficiency and production capacity.
2.All aluminum frame structure with vacuum hold-down table is designed for cutting light and thin materials (can cut materials 0.05-1mm in thickness);
3.Industrial servo motors with ultra-quiet cutting system is equipped with a self-adjusting blade system that cuts in accurate depth even when material is neven,    meeting the your most demanding cutting need.
4.Superior optical registration system with one-click barcode reading function facilitates many tasks with one simple click;

Barcode sample generated by SIGNWORKPRO
5.With SignWorkPro, an embedded program in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrators is used to output cutting task to GUNNER via its USB port.
6.The one-click install print driver for USB print output is compatible with other print-capable CAD software.
    This print driver is compatible with  WINDOWS32/64 bit.
7.Flat bed system comes with a blade compensation feature to ensure you get the perfect cut with any software output.


Traffic sign/Reflective film

Car  wrap films/Color wrap vinyl

Fridge magnet / Custom logo magnet

Photographic paper/Cardboard
Model FC-6090
Max. cutting width 610*900mm
Cutting depth 0.05-1mm (depends on nature of non-metal material )
Max. cutting speed 600mm/s
Cutting pressure 600g
Precision 0.1mm
Kisscut YES
Cutting pressure setup Adjustable in 1g measurements
Min. letter size English or Arabic in 1mm (depends on nature of material)
Port in standard RS-232/USB2.0   flash memory
File format HG-GL / PLT
Tool holder number One blade holder/One drawing pen holder
Power input 220V  AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 620W (Air pump 400w)      
Weight 82Kg
IOS Windows10/8/7 /xp
CAM software SignWorkPro
CAD output plug-in CADtoplotpro
Method to fix material Table top vacuum
Machine  size 820*1120*900mm
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