Facebook and Youtube Platform [Companay News]
Our company facebook has been online recently,the link is:,
Please "Like" it, Thanks!
Our products videos link: Keeps update.
Thanks to VPN.

Signstech Team
Feedback for 480HP Hydralic paper cutter [Recent Feedbacks]
"Hi Leevar No worries, I've worked it out I didn't realise that the 'reset' button requires pressing every time you make the cut. A little unusual but should not take too long to adapt. So far so good will let you know how I get on over the next week. Its a nice looking machine though,...
Brief introduction of Laser Engraving Machine [Industry Knowledges]
Laser engraving machine is widely used in all kinds of lines and fields.Different designs have been used in producction to meet different line’s requirements.We believe that the type of machine you’ve chosen will surely be of great help to your work.The following introductions might provide you...
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