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Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Model: KTZ-3300
Remarks:  300W,worktable 1200*1700mm,CCD HD monitor, red light positioning,ceramic focusing cavity
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Product advantage:
* Efficient and stable control system, real-time power feedback, fault self-diagnosis, simple and clear
* Special customization of precision welding for high-end advertising industry,large format worktable 1200*1700mm
* Special extended optical path, telescopic range up to 1200mm, specially customized extended focus lens f=200mm
* It's with CCD HD monitor, red light positioning, clear and visual welding effect, and long-time work without damaging the eyes
* The laser welding energy is concentrated and the heat affected area is small, which will not cause the plate to deform and bend.
* Using long life ceramic focusing cavity, energy efficiency conversion ratio is high
* The most expensive laser crystal rod in the industry is adopted, the peak power is high, and the welded galvanized plate is firm.

Machine interior composite picture

High light double coating lens

High precision condensing cavity

Laser head fine adjustment is convenient for up and down travel up to 210 mm.High precision mobile positioning
Metal welding:
* For advertising line special large format working table (convenient in the size of word operation)
* Suitable for materials: stainless steel, galvanized sheet (iron sheet), iron plate, Titanium gold and other metals.
* The heat-affected area is small, the surface of the work piece is not deformed, the precision is high, the cost is low
*There is no protruding on the solid surface of welding, no polishing and grinding, time saving and labor saving, beautiful and efficient.
Model KTZ—3300
Maximum power 300w
Laser wave length 1064mm
Condenser emitter Imported ceramic concentrating cavity
Laser type Nd:YAG
Single pulse maximum energy 90J
Spot size 0.2-2mm
Refrigerating system Large 1.2P integrated
Depth of weld 0.1-2.6mm
Observing system CCD plus red light
Laser upper and lower stroke 200mm
Whole machine power Maximum 6kw
Power demand 220v ±10%/50HZ/40A
Workbench 1200*2050mm
Boom system 1200mm(W130mm*H170mm)
Shape dimension Main body:700*720*1030mm
Cooling machine:520*445*780mm
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