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H1215 Wood Laser Die Cutting Machine
Model: H1215
Remarks:  300w, Servo System, Comes with PC for control
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1. Fixed optical path (laser head is fixed and plate moved,)imported servo driving system.
2. Comes with computer, industrial water chiller, air dryer, air filter and exhaust system
3. The two sides of the import of precise ball screw driving (much higher accurate than the regular), error range of 0.05mm
4. It can cut the thickness of 18-22mm one time, Absolutely straight and uniform,  the cutting speed is 0.5m/min, can finish one colorful box in half an hour.
5. Low power consumption , low cost , 220~230v electric, 3.5kwh/hr(300W power model)
6. Laser tube (Reci S6) is nine months guarantee; lifespan 10000hours
7. It is no need to use assistant gas during the work
8. It is easy to adjust the laser path and focus 
Working area 1200x1500mm
Positioning Accuracy 0.1mm
Laser power 300w  (double head cutting design, 150w for each)
Cutting Material Plywood 6-22mm, PVC, acrylic, Nonmetallic material
Re-positioning Accuracy ≤0.1mm
Cooling Water Purified Water
Cooling Water Temperature 5 °C  -  45 °C
Protective Gas Dry Oil-Free Air
Relative Humidity ≤80%
Power Supply 220V±5% 50/60HZ 10A
Cutting Speed 0-5000mm/min Setting Software Setting
Drive system Servo system, with ball screw; Unique easy handling work table
Transmission Port USB/  RJ46/ U disk, offline working supported
Instruction System Compatible with CDR,CAD software ,etc.
Graphic format supported PLT,CDR,DWG,DXF,BMP,GIF,JPEG,PCX,TGA,TIFF
Weight 850KG
Dimension L3000*W1600*H1700 (MM) (L*W*H)
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