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Deluxe Flatbed Cutter Plotter 1590
Model: FC-1590II
Remarks:  Max cutting 920mmx1520mm,Mechanical precision 0,025mm, Contour cutting with ARMS, available creasing tool
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The new generation flat bed machine for pattern proofing, graphic contour cutting and small batches of personalized custom production. It provides a perfect solution suitable for cutting all sorts of hard and soft film material without template.
It is widely used in the production of clothing and footwear; high-intensity reflective films for traffic signs; protective film for automotive, cell phone and other industrial products; films for window displays and signs; heavy paper packaging; vinyl sticker and logo magnet; protective rubber films for sandblasting; photographic papers and more.
New features include USB file transmission, and a one-click barcode reading functionality.  

  • Advanced system design and hardware configuration improves work efficiency and production capacity.
  • All aluminum frame structure with vacuum hold-down table is designed for cutting light and thin materials (can cut materials 0.03-1mm in thickness);
  • Industrial servo motors with ultra-quiet cutting system is equipped with a self-adjusting blade system that cuts in accurate depth even when material is uneven,meeting the your most demanding cutting need.
  • Superior optical registration system with one-click barcode reading function facilitates many tasks with one simple click;
  • With SignWorkPro plug in, an embedded program in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrators is used to output cutting task via its USB port.
  • The one-click install print driver for USB print output is compatible with other print-capable CAD software. This print driver is compatible with  WINDOWS32/64 bit.
  • It comes with a blade compensation feature to ensure you get the perfect cut with any software output. 

                                  Barcode sample generated by SIGNWORKPRO 

Max pressure 5.8N 600g Cutting speed 600mm/s Contour profiling/Automatic correction One -click to read barcode File transfer by flash memory Full cut /Half cut function  With blade compensation itself Super ARMS


Model FC-1590II
Max. cutting width 920*1520mm
Cutting depth 0.03-1mm
Applicable media Soft and medium-rigidity medias
Max. cutting speed 600mm/s
Cutting pressure 600g/5.8N in 8 steps
Mechanical precision 0.025mm
Kisscut YES
Cutting pressure setup Adjustable in every 1g
Blade diameters Ø0.9mm Ø1.5mm Ø2.0mm
Blade angles 35° 45° 60°
Drive AC Servo
Port in standard RS-232/USB2.0   flash memory
Memory Buffer 2M
Cutter holder/pen holder 1 for each
File format HG-GL / PLT
Power input 110V-220V  AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption in total 2.6kw
Weight 220Kg
IOS Windows10/8/7 /xp
CAM software SignWorkPro
CAD output plug-in CADtoplotpro
Registration Marks Recognition ARMS with red laser sensor
Method to fix material Table top vacuum
Machine  size 1120*1780*900mm/220kg

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