How To Use A Heat Press To Print Shirts

first make your design in illustrator or paint ,then flip it so that the writing and picture is backwards

 print it out(make sure your transfer sheet is inkject or lazer) and use the right printer for the paper

now cut out your design(as close to the edge of the design you can get

now turn your press on,To turn it on there is usually a red or green button/switchput the heat at 187 Cand wait for it to heat up (keep lid down)

when its hot, open the lid place a silicone sheet(or a peice of parchment paper) down on the press mat,now place your shirt downand place another peice of parchment,
put the lid down a press for 5 seconds

put the lid up and take off the top layer of parchment lay your design down(design facing toward fabric) and place parchment paper over,put lid down and press for 25 to 30 seconds

then remove lid, and parchment the pull the design off(from the left hand corner slowly to the right)

now turn off your press(only if pressing one shirt) take tshirt and hang over a chair, design facing the chair to cool.
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