Laminating and Document Finishing
Laminating is the process of applying a clear, protective film to one or both sides of a document, poster or other type of graphic. The film provides protection
against moisture, abrasion and pollution, while also providing additional rigidity and some degree of fade resistance.

  • Presentation covers
  • Important documents
  • Menus
  • Photos
  • Badges
  • Posters / graphics / displays
  • Signage
Roll Laminators process graphics or documents between two rollers, which may be heated or cold. They are compatible with roll films (as opposed to pouch films) and vary from 4" wide to 72". More information on roll laminators.

Pouch Laminators are smaller format thermal machines that heat seal documents inside a film "pouch". They are easy-to-use for non-professional operators. More information on pouch laminators.

Automatic Laminators are a class of high-speed finishing equipment that provides very fast throughput with minimal operator intervention required.

Uv-Coating Machines or "liquid laminators" are alternative techology to conventional lamination. A liquid clear coat is applied to the surface of the document or graphic and cured immediately to a hard, protective finish.
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