Facebook and Youtube Platform [Companay News]
Our company facebook has been online recently,the link is:,
Please "Like" it, Thanks!
Our products videos link: Keeps update.
Thanks to VPN.

Signstech Team
Hot feedback for 16S1 Eco Solvent Printer [Recent Feedbacks]
"Thank you.
this is the best machine ever. it's working like a dream now. i will write the best previews and i thank you again. i can't wait to buy 2 more of the same machine. you are the greatest.

Sign-Effect, US
The trend of CNC router development [Industry Knowledges]
For laser machine , is already have decades of history.China is also in constant research  new technologies ,hope to find new process in the innovation.laser cutting technology and equipment, is widely used by many panel processing enterprises.It already occupy the panel marketing with the advantages ...
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