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6 in 1 Combo Heat Press
Model: 6in1
Price:  $330.00   $380.00
Remarks:  For T-shirt+Mug+Plate+Cap Heat press default size 29cmx38cm,optional 32cmx45cm
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1. More simple and convenient assembly & design of brand new slide rail and replacement of different transfer components;
2.The latest display mode of double display (temperature & time) smarter meter. By virtue of adoption of microprocessor programmed control, it features high precision in parameter memory & control
in China;
3. For the aluminum plates are all upgraded and thickened, the quality becomes more secure and the phenomena of uneven base board and carrying capacity are avoided. The upgrading of quality, material and technology further guarantees the quality;
4. It is applicable for baking cup, baking tray, baking hat, heat transfer clothing T-shirt, it also can be used as the individualized article, integrating artistic appreciation and utility.
5. Can be lifted, lowered and rotated by 360 degrees and convenient to retrieve articles and transfer of alien articles;
6. The installation and design of base board withstands high-temperature foaming silica gel and it is not deformed when the temperature reaches 250 ℃.
This machine can bake and fabricate colorful logos, portraits & photos as well as scenery patterns etc through thermal transfer. It is applicable for baking cup, baking tray, baking hat, heat transfer clothing T-shirt, mouse pad, pillow and metal ornaments… etc; especially, good for making advertisements, gifts and publicity campaign …etc; simultaneously, it also can be used as the individualized article, integrating 

Kindly Prompts:
To print and make individualized DIY products, it is also necessary for you to prepare the following equipments and materials.
1. Ink jet printer/ six colors printer (For example: Epson R-230 / R270 / R290 / T50)
2. CISS (Continuous ink supply system)
   Different models of Ink jet Printer will need different CISS.
3. Sublimation ink / Heat transfer ink;
4. High-temperature resistant tape;
5. Sublimation paper / Heat transfer paper (for Ceramic and fabric)
6. Paper cutter
7. Press mug / cup and plate: Normal mug and plate will can not use for press, Only sublimation mug and plate can be use.
Package and services
1. All our machines will be well packed by the foam rubber first, then they will be put in the carton case with shipping mark on the surface.
2. we must try our best to make sure that all the machines will be conveyed to you with no damage.
3. Life-long on-line technical support
4. Provide free parts (without consumables) when problems occur within one year
Sample display:

Working size 29*38cm(T shirt), 6.3cm&7.5cm(round mug), 12.5cm&15.5cm(plate), 8*15cm(cap)
Main Heating plate: 29cmx38cm / 800W
Real-time display of temperature state: Automatic alarming
Temperature heating time: (20-200℃): 3~5 Min
Voltage 220V/110V
Gross Power 1000W
Temperature range 0-399°C
Time range 0-999Sec
Packing size 52.5*46.5*49.5cm
Weight 30kg

6in1 Combo heat press accessories:
1, Flat Press : One piece, 32*45cm
2, Mug press pad: 2 Pieces;
3,Cap press: one set;
4, Plate press: Two Pieces ,8’ & 10’
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