Facebook and Youtube Platform [Companay News]
Our company facebook has been online recently,the link is:,
Please "Like" it, Thanks!
Our products videos link: Keeps update.
Thanks to VPN.

Signstech Team
Feedback for 480HP Hydralic paper cutter [Recent Feedbacks]
"Hi Leevar No worries, I've worked it out I didn't realise that the 'reset' button requires pressing every time you make the cut. A little unusual but should not take too long to adapt. So far so good will let you know how I get on over the next week. Its a nice looking machine though,...
Heat press beginners guide – common questions [Industry Knowledges]
Heat press guide for the beginner.  Buying your first heat press or just starting with heat transfer technology – read this for some general knowledge that you may be afraid to ask for.   How much power do I need for a heat press – can I just plug it in at my house?  ...
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