E720T Paper Guillotine
Model: E720T
Remarks:  PLC control,Programmable,7 inch touch screen,CE certificate
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●Centrifugal paper pressing with driver patent technology
Centrifugal paper pressing with driver structure to prevent paper-presser stuck
●Adjustment gap of blade carrier patented technology
±0.3mm High cutting accuracy
●Pull rod type rotor structure
Paper cutting driver more balanced, in accordance with biomechanics
●PLC control system design
PLC control system is more reliable and stable while machine working
●Intelligent control, 7"PLC
The cutting depth and size calibration can to adjusted by setting the program, 100series programs and 21cutsper machine, add function of the self-detection and code fault display;
●Long front table
460mm length front table, in accordance with new CE standard
●Electronic handle wheel fine tuning
Precision fine-tuning for pushing of paper size
●Lock safety device
Prevent slide cutting, making sure operating safety.
●Infrared safety protection
Front infrared safety protection design, rear shield safety protection, CE standards, operation safer
Patent appearance design
New modern and fashion design which is suitable for Digital Express Printing office
Main feature:
1)  Micro computer PLC control with servo motor,
2)  7 inch touch screen for easy operation
3)  Infrared for safety operation with CE by SGS
4)  100 Groups x 100 steps program for repeat cuts
5)  Guided on both sides for pushing paper
6)  Electronic hand wheel for backguage position with variable speed
Item Model E720T
Max. Cutting Size: 720mm
Min. Cutting Size: 30mm
Cutting Thickness: 80mm
Cutting Accuracy: ±0.3mm
Clamp Operation: Electrical
Pushing Paper Mode: Program-control
Display: LCD/7” Touch screen
Power Supply: 220v(110v)±10% 50HZ(60HZ)
Net Weight: 350kg
Dimensions(L*W*H): 1280*960*1225mm
Warranty: 12 months
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