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Automatic Super Letter Bending Machine
Model: B330
Remarks:  Digital Control,Simple process;Professional Software,;Low cost!
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1. Using indoor and outdoor- without yellowing and crack.
2. Suitable size-Super sign can do the minimum 10cm, Chinese letter minimum 15cm, maximum 1.5meters, as long as the bending machine can bend out of the letter, the sign can be made.
3. Simple process- using liquid acrylic glue, in the factory all the auxiliaries have been added to the glue, so long as in the course of each stroke by using glue perfusion on it.
4.Solid fast, timely delivery- Super sign liquid acrylic solid time is short, from potting to fully solid only two hours, Fast delivery;
5.The light source can maintain-back of aluminum composite panel of super sign can be removed when led light inside broken.
6.Same color for different batches- Liquid of super sign can be placed for three months without solid, When there is the letter needs to be redone, This can ensure consistent color;
7. High Brightness- Super sign raw liquid acrylic transmittance up to 92%.
8. Low cost- material costs only 150-200RMB;material include aluminum, acrylic plastic, light, aluminum plate back, spraying powder (or fluorocarbon)
9. Different Luminous forms
a. The back seal aluminum panels, front light, same effect as resin sign.
b. The back seal transparent acrylic, a professional installation foot support is a positive light, the back of the luminous effect.
c. The back seal 5mm colored acrylic is a mini light word effect

Material revise & Fending part
Material revise and feed channel matched with alternative clamping feeding methods, eliminate the deformation on material when feeding and rejecting, make sure high precision feeding without physical slide
Stamping edge & Slot part
Stamping edge function solve the technical difficulties of the small arc for ‘super sign’. To stamp out the edge at the slotting place of the profile. And blade cutter slotting at this part.
Quick-change bending part
To meet the depend for the super sign, using quick change bending system to meet both flat material and specialize profilefor ‘super sign’. And ensure the bending precision for different material.
Multi-cutter bending system
On the basis of alternating double cutter bending system, add one group bending rod for super sign. By alternative change when processing different material, improve the shaping degree.
Smart calculating consume cost
According to the processing graphic, software can calculate the volume and ratio of glue, consume cost of profile, Easy to accounting cost, saving material, decrease the dependence of worker on experience. Fast and accurate.
Model B330
Power AC220V
Total Power 2.2KW
Compressed air 0.6-0.8kg/ C㎡
Control axis quantity 4
Min. Bending Radius R3.5mm
Applied material Stainless steel, iron, galvanized, aluminum, super-word profiles
Material Thickness super-word profiles:1.0mm; metalmaterial sheet:0.4-1.0mm
Processing Height 15-120mm
Material feeding method Clamping and alternate feeding
File format PLT/AI
Net weight 430kg
Specification 1060*620*1360mm
Package size 1610*730*1560mm

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