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Swing-away Heat Press Machine
Model: SP-100/SP-200/SP-300
Remarks:  Korean style,Latest product,Auto-count function,Color LED display, Heavy duty and much more pressure.
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1, The heated plate adopted by special high precision line-tube Technology, effectively keep temperature equilibrating and stabilizing;
2, LED display controller with auto-counter function makes sure the temperature and time more accurate;
3, Spiral pressure design, can adjust to the required working pressure randomly;
4, Improved under support plate, more convenient to fix the t shirt

This T-shirt heat press machine can transfer colorful pictures and characters of sublimating and dissolved printing ink onto ceramics, glasses and textiles such as cotton, flax, chemical fiber, nylon, ect. The machine can also conduct some heat treatments such as hair-planting print, vesicant print and conglutination of cloth lining and cloth under low temperature and low pressure. It can be used for T-shirts, mouse mats, sports clothes, swimwear, bags, scarves ,logo ,umbrella, pillow, socks, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, ID badges, vip card, personalized gifts, stone rock painting, rhinestone, flocking, glass, metal sheet, aluminum sheet, and so on. and just about every other flat surface item you may want to  dye  sublimation for.
Model SP-100 SP-200 SP-300
Voltage 220V/110V
Temperature range 0-250 °C
Time range 0-999Sec
Power 2200W         2800W         3500W
Working size 38*38cm      40*50cm      40*60cm
Packing size 74*45*43cm; 76.5*58*47cm; 78.5*70*49cm
Weight 41kg; 48kg; 54kg
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