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UV Coating Machine Series
Model: Series
Remarks:  Coating Width:350mm/460mm/610mm/920mm, Max 7.7m/min speed
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Product introduction;
      The brand-new desktop UV coating series machine is useful and necessary for coating and protecting photos, spurt draws and presswork. The machine is small and easy to operate while most of coating machines are cumbersome and difficult to use. Hence this new product takes small room and has better functions.
Main Usages;
      At present the products of UV coating machines used for laser print, ink print, Art paper and stick paper are water proof, moisture-proof, durable, ultraviolet-proof .The pictures can be coated many times and won’t be damaged.The UV liquid would stick on the surface of the pictures and it is hard to separate after solidifies under ultraviolet rays. There are two results to coating pictures. One is called light which shows bright, colourful and clear images. Another one is called matte which doesn’t reflect much light hence it shows elegant, beautiful images. These two results of coating are now very popular for photo print, typing, portraits, spurts draws, book covers, Spring Festival pictures, calendars, cards, product samples and boxes.
1.Compares with traditional cold and hot lamination film, UV liquid has the following advantages:
2.Transparency has risen for 50%.No bubbles and scrapes problems.
3.UV liquid can be re-used hence less wastes and it is easy to coat.
4.For Unity Albums, UV liquid has a incomparable advantage as it not only decrease the thickness of pictures but also cause no  folds at the pressing step and lamination film can hardly achieve this.


UC-350 UC-460 UC-610 UC-920
Coating Width 350mm,14” 460mm 18” 610mm,24” 920mm,36”
Coating Thickness 0. 2~2mm 0. 2~2mm 0. 2~2mm 0. 2~2mm
Average speed 0~7.7m/min 0~7.7m/min 0~7.7m/min 0~7.7m/min
Mode of Operation Electric Electric Electric Electric
Drying Mode UV light UV light UV light UV light
Scraper Stainless blade Stainless blade Stainless blade Stainless blade
Coating Roller Silica Gel Silica Gel Silica Gel Silica Gel
Reflector Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy
Dustproof Cover Transparent ACRYLIC Transparent ACRYLIC Transparent ACRYLIC Transparent ACRYLIC
Gross weight 94kg 118kg 150kg 260kg
Voltage/Power 220v/2.5kw 220v/3kw 220v/5kw 220v/7.5kw
Machine Size 780x700x580mm 900x700x580mm 1030x700x580mm  
Packing size 790x730x600mm 940x730x640mm 1110x740x640mm 1450mmx930mmx1220mm
Application Apply to photo PVC coated paper etc.
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