Products Spare Parts Compatible Eco Solvent Ink For DX4/5/7
Compatible Eco Solvent Ink For DX4/5/7
Model: Nebula
Price:  $18.00  
Remarks:  4 or 6 colors,For Epson DX4/5/7 heads printer
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1. Real Eco-Solvent inkjet ink, non-toxicity, non-odor, and friendly to human being and environme
2. Our Eco-Solvent inkjet ink guarantees maximum color gamut and photo-realistic printout.
3. Smooth printing with nozzle clogging-free, settling-free, and bending-free.
4. Have good thermal longevity under sealed, dark and cool storage condition. No settling, no gel
up, and no separation up to 18 months.
5. The image will not be cracked, peeled or discolored, and good weather durability.
6. strong compatibility and suitable for various printers

Suitable printers
Mimaki Jv3-160/1600SP/250SP/75SP/130SL/250SPF jv33-130/160 jv5-160S/250S320S
Roland XJ740/640 XC540 SP300/300V/540 VP300/540 SC540/640/740 SJ540/740
Mutoh VJ1204/1604/1614/2606/1304/1608/1618
all other wide format printers with Epson's
DX4/DX5/DX7 print-heads
Color C M Y K LM LC Solvent ECO Resin
Smell little or none PH 6.5-7.5
Viscosity 3-6cp Flash Point ≥65
Surface Tension 25-35 dynes/cm Particle Size <0.2u
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