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Chip Decoder for Novajet 750
Price:  $20.00  
Remarks:  With Chip decoder,your printer can use the refill ink and comptible ink cartridges!
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It can be used for ENCAD NOVAJET 500/600/630/700/750 models
With chip decoder you can use the compatible ink cartridges and bulk ink supply system!
Less costs more profit!
STEP 1?Install the decoder to the  data cable on the right near the memory on the motherboard directly under power off.
STEP 2?Connect the printer and computer with parallel cable by the decoder.
1. Make sure that the golden finger of decoder should be in the same direction as that of the data line.
2. Insert the decoder, if the message displays Unrecognized cartridges, first please check if they are in good contact, then see the Version of the FIRMWARE, if the decoder can't work with the low Version, please update to the high Version.
3. You may update from ENCAD website: WWW.ENCAD.COM
4. Highest FIRMWARE Version for NovaJet 750 is:1.10

    Highest FIRMWARE Version for NovaJet700 is:3.15
    Highest FIRMWARE Version for NovaJet630 is:3.15

    Highest FIRMWARE Version for NovaJet600 is:2.53
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