What is Eco-solvent Ink?
Also referred to as "mild solvent,” eco solvent inks provide several benefits for consumers seeking a sustainable solution to high resolution printing and have increased greatly in popularity in recent years. Mild solvent ink is highly durable, environmentally friendly and available in a wide variety of colors. Below are some key benefits to using eco solvent ink.
• Eco Friendly (compared to heavy solvent inks)
Heavy solvent inks are typically not ideal for use in printing areas with minimal air flow, due to the fumes and odors they produce. Mild solvent inks, on the other hand, do not produce 
fumes and are generally regarded to be friendly to the environment by comparison.
• Ideal for billboards and other forms of outdoor signage
Eco solvent ink is highly durable and adheres well to both coated and uncoated surfaces, producing high resolution images that are ideal for billboards and other forms of outdoor signage.
• Printer Preservation
Eco solvent ink is less harsh on print heads, which means they help extend your printer’s lifespan and save you, the consumer, money in the long-term.
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