Facebook and Youtube Platform [Companay News]
Our company facebook has been online recently,the link is:,
Please "Like" it, Thanks!
Our products videos link: Keeps update.
Thanks to VPN.

Signstech Team
Feedback overpraise [Recent Feedbacks]
"today we printed our job for our hair salon customer, the print quality is extremely beautiful! I remember earlier you told me that you are trying to be like Roland but in my opinion you are far beyond them in every aspect! : )" A fresh feedback on our 18S1 eco solvent printer,I think maybe it...
Cautions and Maintenance of laser engraving machine [Industry Knowledges]
1.Please clean the machine after working every day .While cleaning , the crossbeam and Larry can be pushed gently and carefully in the condition that the power is turned off .Do not pull it strongly .  2.The minimum amount of cooling water should not be less then 30L . Make sure that the water can...
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