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How  Inkjet  Printers  Work

When a document is sent to the printer, the printer driver translates the text and images into the inkjet printer's language. After the printer receives the information, the controller activates the printer.
The rollers feed the paper into the printer and are positioned at the start of the page. The print head will then begin to move across the page spraying droplets of ink onto the page. As the print head is printing, the motor stops for less than a second to spray multiple dots at a defined area to create all colors.

When the print head reaches the end of the page, the rollers move the paper forward until the full page is printed.

Parts  of  an  inkjet  printers&How  the  work

The Print Head Assembly

Print Head
The print head operates the printing action of the printer. The print head contains a series of nozzles that are used to spray droplets of ink. It may be included in the printer or part of the inkjet cartridge.
Inkjet Cartridge
Inkjet cartridges come in different combinations, depending on the manufacturer or model. Cartridges can have a separate tank for each color or one cartridge for each color. Most inkjet printers will use four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to create almost any color combination. If the inkjet printer doubles as a photo printer, it will use six colors, by adding the light magenta and light cyan to extend the printer's color gamut.

Stepper Motor The stepper motor is what moves the print head and cartridge back and forth across a page. Some printers will have a second stepper motor to park the print head assembly when the printer is not in use.

Belt The belt is used to attach the print head assembly to the stepper motor.

Stabilizer Bar The print head assembly moves across a stabilizer bar to ensure that each row of dots are even and precise.

Paper Feed Assembly

Paper Tray/Feeder
Inkjet printers will have either a paper tray that can be loaded with paper or a feeder that is located in the back of the printer. Both include a sensor that stops the printer when it is out of paper.
A set of rollers pulls the paper from the paper tray/feeder and controls the rate at which the paper is moved past the print head assembly.

        Printer Driver A printer driver is software that acts as a translator so that the printer can understand data and instructions from your computer. The driver describes the text, image, etc. to be printed and translates it into the printer language.                                        Controller The controller is essentially the "command station" of the printer. The control circuitry is responsible for decoding the information sent from the computer, via the printer driver, to the printer, as well as controlling the various motors of the printer.

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