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T-Shirt Heat Press Machine
Model: HP-200A|HP-300A
Remarks:  CE Certified,Ditigal Control
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1.Digital thermograph, automatic constant temperature, veracity(+-2?)also has adjustment knob.
2.Heat thread integrates with Calefaction Board, safety, durable, heat distribute uniformity.
3.The motherboard is pure aluminums. The function is perfect..
4.Digital time control, working procedure accomplish message indication.  
5.Pressure can adjust random.
6.Soleplate furnish can bear high temperature froth silica gel, can bear 400 degree.
1.Please do not exceed 30kg when energizing, otherwise likely lead handle distortion.
2.When the time controller of indication press's time out, buzzer sounds, bring up handle to original place.
3.If it is cool rip of press paper, please use blackboard brush to rub this paper uniformly. After 5 to 10 seconds, tear the press paper.
4.If it is hot rip of press paper, after press, please tear paper immediately. Successful press needs right time, temperature and pressure. The thickness of clothes and material and kinds of paper affect press effect.
Pressure: if pressure is not enough or too big, can adjust the pressure adjustment knob, increase pressure by clockwise; Contrarily, decrease pressure.
Time: When press time out and buzzer does not sound or sound constantly, if not moderate, it should adjust to suitable place.
Temperature: When the adjustment temperature reaches, temperature adjustment points 180 degree place(about 5 minutes), if thermometer increase when boot-strap but heat board doesn't heat, please check circuit.
When handle press on bottom, loose hand and handle rise return by itself, please check adjustment knob and adjust it downwards.
When press done, handle bring up and feel labored, can adjust adjustment knob downwards.
Model HP200A 38cmx38cm |  HP300A 40x60cm
Voltage 220V/110V
Temperature 0-399 degree
Power 2000W  (3000w for 40x60cm)
Time 0-3minuates
Weight 35KG | 40KG
Dimension 72x44x39CM  | 75x65x42CM

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